martedì 18 ottobre 2011

Special Guest°53: BILL GRIFFITH!

NOTIZIA DELL'ULTIMA ORA! Un ospite specialissimo si aggiunge tra i 172 artisti che supportano la Causa del Nano. Una firma storica del fumetto underground, un genio surrealista ossessionato dal Circo e dai marchi pubblicitari del consumismo americano. Ebbene sì: PUCK COMIC PARTY ha l'onore di annunciare la partecipazione al progetto del grandissimo BILL GRIFFITH, l'autore di Zippy the Pinhead!

BILL GRIFFITH. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Griffith grew up in Levittown, Long Island, where one of his neighbors was science fiction illustrator Ed Emshwiller, whom he credits with pointing him towards the world of art.
Griffith began his comics career in New York City in 1969. He was a prominent cartoonist in the underground comics movement based out of San Francisco in the late 1960s, and co-founded the comics anthology Arcade, the Comics Revue with Art Spiegelman. His first strips were published in the East Village Other and Screw and featured an angry amphibian named Mr. The Toad.
He ventured to San Francisco in 1970 to join the burgeoning underground comix movement. His first major comic book titles included Tales of Toad and Young Lust (co-created with cartoonist Jay Kinney), a bestselling series parodying romance comics of the time. He co-edited Arcade for its seven-issue run in the mid-1970s and worked with the leading underground publishers throughout that decade and up to the present: Print Mint, Last Gasp, Rip Off Press, Kitchen Sink and Fantagraphics Books. He has also contributed comics and illustrations to a variety of publications, including National Lampoon, High Times, The New Yorker, The Village Voice and The New York Times.
In 1998, Griffith moved from San Francisco to Connecticut. His studio is in East Haddam, Connecticut, where he lives with his wife, the cartoonist Diane Noomin.

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