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Special Guest #67: AL JAFFEE!

La più grande guest star che potevamo chiedere. Classe 1921, non manca un numero di MAD Magazine dal 1955. E' uno dei pilastri del fumetto satirico americano, inventore dei leggendari Mad Fold-in, i disegni dalla doppia identità. Il suo umorismo ha ispirato tantissimi artisti dagli anni '50 ad oggi.
E' con grande onore che il Nano ospita tra i 172 artisti del Puck Comic Party il sommo AL JAFFEE!

Al Jaffee is one of the most prominent and longtime contributors to MAD magazine. He began his comic career in 1941 as the writer/artist of the 'Inferior Man' feature for Quality Comics through Ed Cronin's packaging service. He then moved over to Timely, where he did funny animal features like 'Hedy Wolfe', 'Super Rabbit' and 'Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal', and where he was the editor for humor and teenage titles like 'Patsy Walker'.
Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions, by Al Jaffee
Jaffee eventually joined Harvey Kurtzman at Mad Magazine in 1955. Jaffee decided to follow Kurtzman to expand his humorous horizons. His writing was sharp, snappy and brilliantly satiric. His artwork was direct with considerable time devoted to the humorous effect. He invented the 'Mad Fold-in' in 1964 and had many pocketbooks published, most notably his collection of 'Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions'.
Al Jaffee
In addition to his work for Mad, Jaffee wrote the newspaper comics 'Jason' (1971-74) and 'Debbie Deere' (1966-69), for McNaught Syndicate, and produced the cartoon panel 'Tall Tales' for the New York Herald Tribune (1958-65). Jaffee continues to produce lots of advertising work and children's book illustrations.
Fold-in, by Al Jaffee

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